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Happy Clients

Kinnary Panchamia, 35
Fashion Designer
Pune , India

I had tried all kinds of diet and workout plans including some international plans from New York but none gave me the results as the results I got with Mohammed Musavi. He is a thorough professional and the most dependable and highly experienced coaches today. Not only did I achieve my goals of shredding 18 kgs, but he also constantly motivated me to continue my fitness journey post that. I can totally vouch for this man. The best in the industry.

Maryam Torabian, 33
California , USA

For every bride looking good before her wedding is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and when I had a target of losing 10 kgs before my D day who better to go to than Mohammed Musavi. He ensured that not only I lose fat, but also manage to have the energy and enjoy my wedding with the stamina and strength I gained through his workout and diet plans. As you can see I achieved my goals under his mentorship.

Sara Ruhal, 34
House Wife
Delhi , India

I Have Been Following Mohammed Musavis Workout and diet plans from 2011 and it gave me fantastic results. The best part about his training is that it allows you to decide what works best for you and the results are guaranteed. Recently after delivering a child I got in touch with Mohammed again and he is currently coaching me with my post-pregnancy training and I’m loving every session at the gym. I’m feeling lighter, much more healthier and seeing good results on the weighing scale as well.

Naveen lucky, 22

No one has supported me in my fitness journey as much as my coach Mohammed Musavi. I love and respect him as my elder brother. I discovered Mohammed Musavi sir through his YouTube channel over a year ago and since then I have been following Sir’s workout and diet regime. My goal was to gain muscle size. At the start of the programme I weighed 53 kgs and In the first 2 months of training, I gained 13 kgs muscle mass, which was way beyond my expectation. I’m thankful for all the efforts put in by Sir Mohammed Musavi in coaching me and guiding me and Helping me to gain my self-confidence.

Akshay Grover, 35
Nashville , USA

I’m one of the few people who had personally trained by Mohammed Musavi between the period of 2000 and 2004. It was he who encouraged me to join a gym and coached me from day 1 of my fitness journey. After moving to the USA in 2004, I could not follow up on my exercise regime, but he motivated me constantly and it was only in 2010 that I found time to restart gym. The very next day I called Mohammed ( moh as we lovingly call him ) for a workout and diet plan and have been taking his guidance ever since. No words to describe this man. All I can say is he is better than the best.

Abbas Kanchwala, 31
Pune , India

I First started training with Mohamed Musavi in the year 2010. I used to see him working out every day and one day just approached him and told him that I’d like to be mentored by him and he generously agreed. The next few months saw me drastically change in terms of fat loss and for the first time in my life, my focus finally moved to gaining muscle thanks to him. His exercise regimes vary from person to person and what I learned in those 2 years of training under him was like going to a university and attaining a masters. Unfortunately, I put on some fat years later as I could not continue my fitness regime. I have recently started his online coaching programme and excited to post my transformation soon.

Seema Pardasani Vaswanis, 50
Hong Kong

Firstly, I want to thank Mohammed Musavi for giving me hope that I could lose the excess weight gained in the past few months and get back in shape! I followed his diet plan almost to the T and despite my slow metabolism (which had gone for a toss), I managed to loose most of the weight that I had put on. Now I’m waiting for him to show me weight training exercises to tighten my core as he suggested. Keep up the good work, M… When I read his tagline, train harder than me, I truly get motivated! Yayyyyy, I’m back into my fave pair of Jean.

Savitri Kallur
Vancouver, Canada

I considered myself to be an active 47-year old. I was able to challenge myself physically. My life changed when I got diagnosed with Hypo Thyroid. I continued to be active but I was unable to achieve my goals. I decided to get professional help. I am very fortunate to have come across Mohammed Musavi. I can’t think of a more Motivating, Patient, and Inspirational coach. He inspires me to be better every single day. Mohammed Musavi you are an incredible Coach and Mentor.

I feel stronger, healthier and more confident than I’ve ever felt before. Thank you for changing my life!

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