About me

Mohammed Musavi is a 34-year-old fitness entrepreneur. He is the CEO of PMM Nutrition, CEO Of Mohammed Musavi Fitness, a Facebook and Instagram Influencer and also the Managing Director Of Radiant Spaces (a Real Estate Firm, based out of Pune). He is a fitness trainer with the right attitude and skills!

Mohammed Musavi was once a 15-year-old boy, weighing only 50 kgs, who had just passed out from school and was encouraged by his parents to enroll at a gym. This was in the year 1999. For most 15-year-old boys, health is not a matter of concern and it wasn’t for him either. His reason to start going to the gym was due to the constant ragging, teasing and body shaming, he faced every day, for being extremely skinny. He is a living example of someone who has transformed his life and thousands of others along his journey. A few years ago, when he put on excess weight, he used the same determination and his expert fitness formula effectively.

From the lessons he learnt over the years, the experience and the numerous courses, this personal trainer has curated special plans for friends and family. He is now looking to extend his success formula to everyone who is looking to stay fit! He has helped hundreds of people – lose weight quickly, lose weight fast but in a systematic scientific way. His customised diet plans, fitness plans, workout plans are effective for weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain and staying fit and healthy.

His signature quote, proudly yet humbly reflects every word of his statement that “Getting Fat to Fit in 20 days is one good picture, Staying Fit from 20 years is the whole damn album”. Hi I’m Mohammed Musavi. I am here specially for you, as my 20 years of experience in fitness is all yours! Come receive it. Let the journey begin!

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