I, Mohammed Musavi will be customising your plans and my 20 years of experience is available to all at the same price. However, we do offer a 50% discount for a student below 21 years of age and to senior citizens

None of my diets are starvation diets. I don’t encourage depriving you of eating frequently or urging you to starve which would result in cravings. Of course, none of my plans promote eating sweets or desserts either. But the answer to the question depends on you and the foundation of your goals. If it’s an occasional cheat meal, that’s alright but I would advise you to choose the correct timing. Having a cheat meal before gym will at least ensure that those calories won’t get converted into stored fats, since your efforts in the gym will be driven to burn those newly consumed calories, but had you avoided that cheat meal your efforts in the gym would have gone towards burning stored fat. On no circumstances would you opt for a cheat meal before sleeping. That is a strict no.

No, it’s not compulsory to consume whey protein if you are meeting your daily protein requirements  with food. Every individual’s protein needs are different depending on their weight and daily physical activity, so if you can manage it with just food, you’re fine. If not then you need to meet your body’s requirements with the help of a protein supplement.
Feel free to watch this video for more information on this topic.

While travelling it might be difficult to follow the exact same diet but try to stick to the list of foods mentioned and the basic outline of the diet. No cheat meals at night. Try to be physically active. If there’s no access to a gym, any form of workout even something as basic as walking up the stairs for 15 mins will suffice.

Get your self-diagnosed if the pain in any body part is persistent. Get in touch with a local medical expert or consult ours to get a report on the diagnosis and we will advise you accordingly. But ideally, you should not work out if the pain is persistent. Get yourself diagnosed. Do not be lazy in doing this.

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Yes, you certainly can and I always emphasise that sometimes it’s good to listen to what your body and mind demands. If you are on a fat loss programme, any cardio activity like swimming, biking, trekking, dancing can be performed. If you are on a size gain plan that has no cardio mentioned then if you skip the gym on a chest workout day, perform at least 2 variations of 4 sets and 12 reps of each variation of free weight exercises for that particular body part such as push-ups and elevated push-ups. Purchase our one time home workout exercises to get a list of weight-free home exercises

Definitely not. Allow your body rest and give it time to recover.

Yes, you can as long as the preparation of the food is similar to that of the prescribed food. For example, if it’s grilled chicken with less oil and u choose to have cottage cheese instead, ensure that the cottage cheese is grilled with less oil.

Follow the same routine of the day skipped, the next day.

No. You must allow a particular muscle 48 hours of rest before you train it again.

Yes discuss your new routine with your trainer and ensure that you’ll are on the same time page in regards to your goals.

The minimum duration is 3 months. Please do understand that we do not promote fad diets or crash diets and nothing good can ever come by drastic measures or shortcuts. Your health is important to us and we are in this for the long haul.

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Yes, we provide Senior Citizens with an exciting offer of 50% off all our personalised plans.